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SiteMap Animation


Flowchart with *pizazz*, of planned business website, started in Animator and later improved with Adobe InDesign, with more tweaks to come. It will work in a webpage even without Flash.

Assimilation Presentation

Assimilation of Immigrants

Presentation prepared for Speech class. Download and open in MS PPT for best results. Some browsers will open it with a basic presentation but not the graphics.


Movie from Travel Photos

Friends went to the 2007 Science Fiction and Fantasy World Convention in Japan, afterwards traveling on the Siberian Express to Europe. They gave me permission to use their photos to make a student-assignment MP4 using Photoshop.

Swiss Website

Swiss Website

Created as project for Speech Class. Getting the Contact form to work involved a server-side database using MySQL.

PhotoShop Before and After

— Before and After

This is fun — disappear somebody without malice or consequences — Poof!
Other improvements are routine. The hardest part was getting the hotel awnings extended through where they had been obscured by the missing man.

Building profiles on 4th Street, Seattle

Seattle on 4th Street

Using Photoshop, I intensified the colors in my photo to an extreme, in order to visually separate the buildings.

PacMed Seattle

PacMed Seattle

Formerly the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Seattle, then Amazon HQ, now PacMed, this will always be great Art Deco.

Be there or be square

Be there or be square

Collage done for Art class, when tasked with showing how you'd feel if stranded on a desert island. I chose the old rallying cry: "Be there or be square!" But my subject is unable to be anywhere with the other hippies. For complete humiliation, that toupee is slipping.

We were limited to three shapes and three colors.

RadCon Gamers

RadCon Gamers

There is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention every year in Tri-Cities, Washington State, and some attendees focus on board games descended from Dungeons and Dragons. The light was bad, and flash would have disturbed the gamers, so this is the best of about 50 photos I took, trying for a character study. They gave permission for this and got a selection of images the next day.



PowerPoint slideshow depicting worldbuilding for a novel I've been working on (and off) for over a decade. I set out to prove that an asteroid-based habitat could be "shirtsleeve" comfortable for ordinary people, and be sustainable, economically and biologically, with earth-normal gravity. Since this is intended to be "hard" Speculative Fiction, not fantasy, the engineering concepts and proportions had to be demonstrable. Concepts new then are some now real.

So I started using CatiaV CAD/CAM myself and got an expert to take it further, ending up with a lot of rendered images that I included in the PowerPoint slide show. It's also available in PDF if you don't have PPT, but the animated door doesn't work in pdf or in a browser; however, you can link to Brady's site to see it perform. Door-Anim-Colored-160850552

jj-WebDesign Home

JJ Web Design Home

This is the home page of what will become my online business website. Or not. I may yet revise it to look and feel more like this Portfolio. The contents will be as described in the first item on this page, the Flash Animated SiteMap, and, instead of the conventional Navbar, I've used an accordion menu in the left sidebar. The banner panorama I shot of a small lake near my home. I still need to fix the right sidebar with actual media links and add all the other web pages, but this Portfolio takes priority.


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